Sunday, 21 September 2014

Avoid Junk Food

Today all are quickly adopting and relishing junk or fast food as a preferred food of choice. Pizza hut, KFC, Mac Donald are a few of the fast food industries that are invading our community, mind and stomach. Although junk food is tasty to eat these are threats to health since they contribute in increasing prevalence of diseases and obesity. Once in a while it is good to satisfy our taste buds with junk food but regular consumption is not advisable.
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In today’s era obesity is the main concern especially in children. Junk food temptation is hard to resist. Now if you are becoming conscious of your health I will let you know how this junk food is harming your health secretly.
• Obesity: Loads of fats and calories are responsible for obesity. It is really easy to gain weight but hard to lose it. Obesity is the common cause of health problems.
• Diabetes: High level of sugar in junk food is responsible for increasing risk of diabetes. As sugar loaded food or drinks quickly increase the rush of sugar in body which over time increases insulin resistance.
• Decreased nutritional value: Fast food requires deep frying which kills the good effects of food and thus their nutritional value is low.
• High Blood pressure: Junk food contains increased level of salt and spices that is main culprit to raise blood pressure.
• Reason behind your fatigue: We need protein and carbohydrate to keep our body energized and healthy. Eating junk food on regular basis causes chronic fatigue.
• Poor digestion: Fast food lacks fiber which is very important for digestion. Oil, salt, spices and preservatives irritate the lining of stomach and causes gastro esophageal reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
• Liver damage: Trans fat found in junk food results in fat deposition in liver and results in liver dysfunction.
• Risk of heart disease: Cholesterol and triglyceride increases due to junk food consumption. High cholesterol and triglyceride are risk factors for development of heart disease.
• Increases risk of cancer: studies show that chances of developing colorectal cancer increases due to frequent consumption of junk food.