Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What Is Night Falls and How To Limit Its Frequency

Night fall is a very frustrating situation for young men; they feel embarrassed to discuss it with others. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about it as most men experiences night fall sometimes in their life. But if it continues it causes complications to health and weakness in reproductive system. Never self medicate yourself but contact your doctor and talk about your problem openly as only a doctor can guide you towards right kind of treatment. There is nothing to worry about it as it is a treatable condition in majority of cases.
If night fall occurs within a healthy limit, it is not considered a problem. Occurrence of night fall is considered normal in young age when hormones are at peak level or when an adult male is abstaining from lovemaking. But if a person is experiencing symptoms like lethargy, low libido, reduced sensation in genital region and burning sensation during or after urination then immediate treatment of night fall is required.
What is Night Fall?
Involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep in the night or in the early morning is a condition called night fall. Night fall is a very common occurrence among teenage boys and adolescents. In majority of cases men suffers from night fall in adolescent age but very few experience it all through their life. Primary causes of frequent night falls are congested prostate gland, weak nerves and inability to control emotions. Because of these reasons when a male sees an erotic dream or get excited with a rubbing of bed sheet or anything he discharges involuntarily during sleep.
Normally nerves keeps the semen locked during normal and excited state. When the nerves get week it allows the semen to pass out easily. When the prostate gland becomes congested it results in passing out of seminal fluid easily on slight pressure or excitement. And the problem in controlling emotions causes a male to get too excited during sleep and results in night fall.
This weak nerve, congested prostate gland and poor mental health is a result of many factors, habits or practices. Factors that are responsible for night fall are too much intake of alcohol, tobacco or smoking, side effect of some medicines, some diseases like diabetes etc. If a male is involved in too much coition, masturbation or if he gets aroused few times in a day without ejaculation, the nerve gets weak. Factors responsible for poor mental health are obesity, lack of exercise, inactivity, and long sitting hours. All these things leads to frequent night fall.
Mental stress and depression are also among the common causes of night fall.
Limit the frequency of night fall:
• Start jogging or brisk walking for at least 30 minutes every day.
• Avoid watching erotic movies.
• Start doing Kegel exercise as it helps in controlling night fall.
• Practice of yoga is beneficial.
• Masturbate once in a while, it may help you.
• Relax your mind by listening to music or reading a good book before going to bed.
• Urinate just befoer going to bed.
• Avoid spicy food.
Benefit of Kegel exercise in night fall:
Kegel exercise helps in supporting and toning the pubococcygeus muscle, also knownas PC muscle. PC muscle is a band of muscle, it reaches from pubic bone to coccyx. The PC muscle in association with sphincter muscle helps in maintaining the healthy function of organs around the pelvic area. in addition to night fall kegel exercise also helps in relieving prostate pain, prostate inflammation, incontinence and premature- ejaculation.
To start the exercise fisrt locate the PC muscle. In order to do that try to stop the flow of urine midstream while urinating. The muscle you feel stretched is your PC muscle. Kegel exercise involves three actions- contracting, holding and releasing.
How to do kegel exercise? Squeeze the PC muscles, tight your urethra and anus and hold for three seconds. During this period of contration you should feel your muscle drawing upwards. Now release and relax the muscle for three seconds. Repeat this contraction and relaxation 10 times. Breathe normally while performing kegel exercise.
Home remedy for night fall:
• Drinking a cup of sage tea before bedtime is helpful.
• Having 2-3 cups of curd daily will help you.
• Take a bath before sleep.
• Consume 2-3 glasses of gooseberry juice in a day.
• Add raw onion in your salad, eating lots of onion reduces the chances of night fall.
• Pomegranate is a beneficial fruit in night fall.