Sunday, 10 August 2014

Manage Child Ailments With Homeopathy

Vomiting of milk
Aethusa cynapium
As soon as the child drinks milk, he immediately vomits it out in curdled form. Exhaustion due to vomiting makes him drowsy. But a little later, he feels hungry again.
The mother feeds him milk again and again he vomits it out. At times constipation and diarrhoea alternate.
Calcarea carbonica
In this medicine also milk is vomited out in the form of curd.
But difference between Aethusa and Calcarea is that Aethusa child again takes milk after vomiting whereas Calcarea child doesn’t want to take milk after vomiting.
Besides , in case of Calcarea the child gets sweat on his head and his body smells pungent, which does not happen in case of Aethusa.
Diarrhoea or constipation It is common during dentition, not because of teething, but due to inclination to chew different objects from a sensation in the mouth which invites infection. At times, there may be constipation too. The following will help.
Chamomilla Peevishness Greasy, watery stools, green, with pungent smell. One cheek is red and hot, the other pale and cold. Vomiting and loose stools at teething time usually get cured with this medicine.
Calcarea carbonica Green loose stools with pungent smell. Sweat on child’s head is a specific symptom. Child is fat.
Magnesium carbonicum Body gives out a sour smell. Pain in stomach precedes loose stool, like griping. Green, watery, frothy, as the filth in a dirty pond.
Arsenicum album Undigested food in stools; as soon as child eats or drinks, he gets a loose stool. Problem aggravates at mid-night. Stools pale brown and highly putrid. Color of vomit is also pale green, like acid. Extreme thirst.
Caries of teeth
Calcarea fluorica
This is the the best medicine to cure caries of teeth affected with bacteria. If white enamel of teeth starts disappearing, give this medicine.
When the the teeth turn black; start decaying immediately after eruption; pain on touching, eating and drinking.
Early decay of baby teeth, they turn yellow or black and decay later; pain in affected tooth is also one of the symptoms. If the child is suffering from herpes and above symptoms are present, this medicine will give relief.
Extraction of teeth 
After tooth extraction, pour 20-30 drops of Calendula mother tincture in a cup of water and wash the mouth.
If bleeding continues pour 5 drops of Arnica mother tincture in water and wash the mouth.
Give Hypericum
200 every hour and pour 20 drops of Hamamelis mother tincture in a cup of water and wash the mouth.
Plantago mother tincture
It gives relief in every kind of toothache. Apply mother tincture on the affected tooth and rub it on the gums.
Mercurius solubilis
If swelling appears in the root of a decayed tooth, give this medicine. Crown of tooth gets decayed root remains normal. much saliva with thirst. Feeling as though the teeth have become along, increase of pain during the night.
Thuja occidentalis
Toothache due to decay of tooth at the root. Pain increased by tea, cold water and chewing too. Gums swollen.
Teeth get black; crumble, pain when touched; cold water is not tolerable. There occurs pricking pain in the roots of the decayed teeth.
Aconite, Belladonna, Cocculus, Calcarea Phos, Chamomilla, coffea, Hepar, Hyos, Ignatia, Merc, Nitric Acid, Nux Vom, Rhus Tox, Silicea.
Teething difficult
Calcarea, Calcarea Phos, Chamomilla, Ignatia, Kreosot, Phytolacca, Podo, Rheum, Silicea
Aconite, Antim Tart, Bryonia, Ferrum, Phos. 
Aconite, Antim Tart, Antim Ars, Ipecac, Kali Carb.
Complaints of eyes in children 
Argentum nitricum -
Great swelling of conjuctiva , swelling of eyelids , creamy discharge of pus .
Eyes swollen ,protruding , conjuctiva red , shooting pain in eyes
Thick , profuse , bland discharge , itching and burning in eyes , lids inflamed and agglutinated . Flu in children
Arsenicum album
Great prostration with extreme chilliness and a thirst for frequent sips of warm drinks. The eyes and nose stream with watery, acrid discharges. Feels irritable and anxious.
Flu comes on slowly.
Aching pains in all the joints are worse for the slightest motion. Painful dry cough that makes the head hurt.
Extreme thirst at infrequent intervals.
Feels intensely irritable and wants to be alone.
Eupatorium perfoliatum
The pains are so severe it feels as if the bones are broken.
The muscles ache and feel sore and bruised as well.
A bursting headache with sore, aching eyeballs.
The nose runs with much sneezing, and the chest feels
sore and raw.
Thirsty for cold water even though it brings on violent chills in the small of the back.
Ferrum phosphoricum
A fever develops, a flu is likely but the symptoms aren’t clearly developed yet .
Flu comes on slowly especially when the weather changes from cold to warm.
The muscles feel weak and achy.
There’s a great feeling of heaviness everywhere—the head (which aches dully), limbs, eyelids etc.
No thirst at all.
Fever alternating with chills and shivers that run up and down the spine.
Rhus toxicodendron
Flu in cold damp weather.
Great restlessness: aching and stiffness in the joints is worse for first motion, it eases with continued motion and then they feel weak and have to rest after which they stiffen and have to move again.
Pains are better for warmth.
Feels anxious and weepy.
Recovering from the Flu
Kali phosphoricum
Weakness after the flu with depressionChina Weakness after a flu with serious fluid loss (through sweating and/or vomiting).
Pale, wan and touchy.
Weakness after the flu. The flu symptoms continue with aching and dullness.
Treating ear infections in kids
Discharges are usually yellow or green, thick, and bland—not irritating.
They typically have little thirst or appetite, and they generally feel better in fresh, open air.
We think of Belladonna for illnesses with sudden, violent onset. The child is typically hot, red, and dry.
The pupils are often dilated.
The head is often hot but the limbs are cold. They are often excited and restless.
Hepar sulphuris 
Think of Hepar sulphuris when the child is chilly, sweats
easily, and often has an accompanying hoarse, barking cough. Discharges are
typically thick and yellow, and pains are often sticking .