Sunday, 3 August 2014

Itchy Scalp - Lice

These are the small wingless parasites who feed on human blood. They are commonly found in scalp and can inhibit the other hairy regions of the body such as pubic region etc. This is the most common problem of childhood.
• Poor hygiene especially regarding skin an hair.
• Overcrowding
• Lice spread by direct contact with clothing or combs, brushes of infected people.
• Itching of the scalp
• Intense itching which causes redness and rawness of skin.
• Enlarged neck lymph nodes.
Do’s & Don’ts:
• Maintain proper hygiene.
• Bath daily.
• Take head bath twice a week using a mild shampoo.
• Do not scratch with long nails. Do not exchange cloths /hair brush or comb with infected person.
• Wash clothes regularly.
Homeopathic remedies:
Allium cepa:
• Itching and redness of skin.
• worse in warm room and towards evening
• Amelioration in open air.
Nux Vomica:
• Patient with poisoning symptoms, lethargy, pallor, dark circles under the eyes, loss of appetite, nausea, and weakness.
• Skin red and blotchy.
Ledum Palustre:
• Itching worse from scratching and warmth of bed.
• All complaints ameliorate from cold.