Monday, 11 August 2014

Dental Care - Homeopathy

Hyperlipidemia, an excessive amount of lipids (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides) in the blood has been associated with increased gingival bleeding .
There are lot of factors causing caries –
• Consuming  fruit-based sugary soft drinks
• Length of time taken to consume acidic drinks
• Consuming  starches: bread, crackers, cereal, pasta, fries
• Intake of long-lasting sources of sugars, such as hard candies, breath mints, and lollipops
• The level of salivation
Few measures for taking care of teeth from getting caries –
• Rinse well after every meal.
• Brush the teeth twice daily using correct technique and use dental floss. If proper cleaning of teeth is not done then food residues are left in between the teeth. Oral bacteria bring about certain chemical changes in this food residue producing an acid. This acid damages tooth enamel and leads to dental caries. This may not happen if proper brushing is done after each meal including breakfast.
• Calcium and Vitamin D are important in building up of teeth and bone, hence milk as a regular supplement will be a good step in dental care.
• Visit a dentist for periodic dental check-ups, at least once a year.
• Avoid hazardous habits like tobacco intake, smoking and pan chewing.
• Eating fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, and bananas
• Eating vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, nuts, and crisps
• Eating aged cheese or drinking milk
• Eating eggs and yogurt
• Eating of sugar-containing foods with meals rather than between meals
• Eating less sugar-containing food or carbohydrates
• Eating fruit instead of drinking unsweetened fruit juices that have sugar and that are acidic
• Drinking sugar-free tea or coffee
Homeopethic remedies can effectively treat toothache, dental abscess, mouth ulcers, gum infection (gingivitis), teeth-grinding are several other dental problems.
Belladonna -for redness around the gums and throbbing pains that come and go rapidly;
Coffea for unbearableble pains that cause the person to be very restless and that are temporarily relieved by cold water or ice in the mouth;
Hepar sulph for pain that is hypersensitive to touch and to cold; and
Arnica- For pain in the teeth after a filling
Phosphorus is ideal to prevent bleeding, especially in patients who tend to be easy bleeders.