Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Uterine fibroid avoid surgery with homeopathy

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors in uterus. Uterine fibroid causes various symptoms depending on the size and location in the uterus. Most females with uterine fibroids experience no symptoms. Abnormal uterine bleeding is a common symptom of uterine fibroid. Women experiences heavy, painful and prolonged periods or spotting between menses if the fibroid lies near the uterine lining or fibroid interferes with the blood flow to the lining. Women develops anemia due to heavy blood loss. In addition to heavy menstrual periods uterine fibroids produces other symptoms like back pain, pelvic pain, pressure on bladder with frequent or obstructive urination and pressure on the rectum with difficult or painful defecation.

Types of uterine fibroid:
Uterine fibroids are classified by their position in uterus.
• Intramural fibroid: these fibroid are present in muscular wall of uterus. Intramural fibroid expand inwards, it increases the size of uterus.
• Submucosal fibroids: these fibroids grow under the interior surface of uterus. This fibroid may protrude into the uterus.
• Subserosal fibroid: this fibroid grows on the outside wall of uterus.
• Pedunculated fibroid: this fibroid is attached to the uterus by a base or stalk.
The exact cause of development of uterine fibroid is not known. Few factors that play a role in the development of fibroid are genetic abnormality, faulty vascular system and tissue response to injury. There is history of development of uterine fibroid in women of the same family. Pregnancy and consumption of oral contraceptive reduces the chances of development of uterine fibroid. Some factors that contribute in increased risk of development of uterine fibroid are first menstrual period at the age of 10, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, uterine infections.
Homoeopathic remedies work by balancing the hormone level in body  and shrink the fibroid. duration of treatment of different individuals varies depending on the number and size of fibroid. Being a holistic method of treatment homoeopathy not only gives relief from discomfort but also have beneficial effects on health of women.
Top homeopathic remedies for uterine fibroids:
There is no single remedy which is called the traditional fibroid remedy. We at our homeopathic clinic gives a constitutional remedy based on totality of symptoms. Few of our prescribed remedies are described below:
• Calcarea carb: Indicated in overweight women who experiences heavy and prolonged menstrual period. During menstrual period women feels chill and her feet remain too cold.
• Sepia: Indicated in women having low back pain, frequent urinary tract infections, recurrent yeast infections and uterine prolapsed. Patient is tired, depressed and reserved.
• Thlaspi bursa: Indicated when menses appear frequently at short intervals. There is severe abdominal cramping and back pain during menstrual flow.
• Trillium pendulum: Women have fainting spells during excessive bleeding. It is indicated mainly when blood is bright red.
• Fraxinus Americana: There is excessive bearing down sensation with menstrual flow. Patient also experiences excessive cramps in feet during menstrual flow.