Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Managing Stubborn Children

As a parent and care takers it is an great responsibility to direct the child towards an appropriate behavior .Although it is difficult to discipline in headstrong and stubborn kids .
All children’s behavior are weired, disrespectful and mischievous and usually they are punished for such behaviors .Parents need to differentiate between situations where the child is showing curiosity or temper tantrums

Parents should know that stubborn children are usually intelligent .

Avoiding situations that may cause frustration in child .

Try to keep healthy snacks and drinks in hand for in between meals for preventing the drop in blood sugar which can make kids extra fussy .

Spending time with child and get interested in likings of the child

When one becomes a parent along with the happiness of parenthood there comes many challenges also. It is just like signing a contract of responsibilities not only providing good food, not only the education of child, his materialistic requirements but also with that needs of his mind and heart. There are continuous clashes of desires that begin in childhood and last till teen years.

Desires change with age and time and parents should understand how to fulfill desires and how to manage the rate of desires. Every child is simply born with the mind of their own.

Stubborn behavior of child is not developed by the child it is developed due to many factors around child that are disturbing him.

The most important step is to understand child demand by standing at his/her place.
Kids who show stubborn behavior are more likely to grow in those families where there are family troubles, trouble between parents, less attention by parents due to work load, kids with lack of love and affection in childhood.

To manage kids who develop obstinate behavior need a lot of patience and hard work by parents on child to bring back their kid from that stubborn attitude.

Whatever you give to your kid that same reaction is rebounded back to you.

Before treating stubborn kid the most important step is mend your own nature to avoid loud speech in front of child, avoid fight in front of child not discuss your personal or financial problems in front of your child so much that he only get engrossed in your problems and unable to grow.

It is important for parent to be smart enough to say “NO” in situations when required.

• Staying calm
• Following daily routine which helps the child in good teaching as setting bed time , meal time and bath time
• Prasing the child when he is cooperating and behaving well by using supportive words
• Parents should avoid being overpowering
• Guiding the child by calming the child and telling him that this behavior is not exceptable
• Allow the child to make decisions for his development sometimes , so that he can learn what is good or bad for him.
• Helping the child to learn self –discipline , responsibility and cooperation .
• Having regular family meetings
• Encouraging the child for eating variety of foods and not forcing him.
• Have a one on one talk with your child for his/her misbehavior. The best time is before going to bed. • Kids love being rewarded for being obedient. Give then stars every time they do something good and tell them that they will get a gift after they collect particular number of stars
• Every time your child did something good say “thank you” “please” throw a smile & hug them
• Be firm and gentle if you want them to follow you. Don’t fight in front of them.
• If your child is misbehaving talk straight to their eyes.
• Try to understand your child point of view, let child speak what’s on his/her mind before scolding for ever mistake.
• Teach then rule of sharing; make them understand if his/her friends won’t want to share things either.
• Play the “yes” game; this is one of the clever strategy ask them questions that will prompt them to answer “yes”.
• Offering options may help a bit in breaking down your child’s resistance.

• Never ever hit or harm the child
• Don’t fulfill unreasonable demands of your child, if they want just ask them to earn it with their good behavior
• Don’t smile if your child is punished.
• Don’t let your child stuff anger; talk to them let them burst out in front of you what the reason is.