Thursday, 17 July 2014

Acne And Teens

If you are tired of eating heavy doses of medications, used all types of face masks, anti acne packs, all types of home remedies but still occurrence of acne is present we are here to help you out.
Teenage is the best period of one’s life, excitement, confidence, will power, courageous, enjoyable and many more adjectives to add. The most important part of teenage is appearance of a person. Appearance not only includes your clothing, your stature but also the skin you have.
One can provide maximum care to his/her skin at this period of life. Major number of teens faces many skin problems at this stage the major one is acne and their scars.
Acne occurrence and aggravation is at peak at this stage.
There are many causes for occurrence of acne out of all some are as given below.
Sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles gets stimulated by hormones at the time of puberty.
Sebum is a natural oil substance that lubricates and protects the skin. Increased sebum production clogs the skin pores. Clogged pores enlarge to produce bump that are in form of acne.
In some cases following factors may contribute in causing acne:
• Pressure on the skin.
• Some medications.
• Exposure to industrial irritants.
• Some cosmetics.
• Hormonal imbalance
• Irregular menses
• Imbalanced diet
• Intake of fatty food
• Skin infections
Common ways to manage and reduce the occurrence of acne are as under
• Proper cleansing and skin care.
• Use water based oil-free make-up products.
• Consume high protein diet.
• Avoid fried food and alcohol.
• Increase water intake.
• Eat fruits rich in anti-oxidants.
• Food rich in fiber content should be consumed.
Along with this management we have very good homoeopathic remedies which help you not only in reducing skin acne but also help to control recurrence of acne and along with that help to maintain your normal skin tone and scar free face. Homoeopathic treatment is best to take, as it is easy to take and with no side effects.
Some homoeopathic remedies which help to treat acne are as follows
Kali bromatum, Antimonium crudum, Sulphur, Asteria rubens, Psorinum and many more.
The exact dosage and selection of medicine is done after taking the case and depending upon the cause of acne. One hand homoeopathic medicines give the excellent results if taken under the guidance and consultation of doctor. But if self medication is done it can worsen the case also.