Friday, 27 June 2014


What causes nose bleeding?

- Blowing the nose frequently and forcefully.
- Trauma including self induced by nose picking especially in children.
- Hot climate with low humidity, from cold to warm.
- Excessive intake of alcohol.
- Nasal Allergies.
- Infection like cold or flu, sinusitisallergic rhinitis.
- Excessive use of medication like anti-coagulants (blood thinner), Ibuprofen.
High blood pressure.
- High altitude
- Use of blood thinning medication.

Steps to stop nose bleeding:-
1. Hold the tissue to nose- Firstly reassure the patient and sit them calmly. Grab the tissue and hold it up to the nose to stop bleeding .Don’t blow the nose otherwise it will make the bleeding worse.
2. Sitting posture – Sit in a chair and lean slightly forward .If you lean back there is a risk of swallowing blood which taste bad and may cause coughing ,vomiting . If you want to remain standing you can but it’s better to relax your body by sitting down for a few minutes and control nose bleed.
3. Stop the flow – The blood mostly comes from front of the nose. Lean forward and pinch the soft part of the nose (just below the bony bridge of nose) with a tissue or clean cloth to stop the flow of blood and pinch them for 10 minutes. It helps to clot blood and stop running.
4. Check the bleeding – After 10 minutes release your nose and see the bleeding is there or not .If the bleeding is still flowing then again pinch your nose for another 10 minutes.
5. Use cold compress – If the bleeding does not stop after another 10 minutes then apply a cold compress like an ice rapped in a cotton cloth and apply it on the nose.

Call the Doctor if the patient – 
– has frequent nose bleeding more than 20 minutes.
– sometime when children put something in his or her nose.
– tends to bruise easily
– Bleeding started after head injury.
– Recently started taking new medicine.