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A woman experiences mood swings, hot flashes, dryness in vagina, memory disorders, loss of libido, insomnia and headaches. When hormonal changes are occurring in body during menopause a woman may experience irregular periods or too much bleeding. These symptoms disappear with time and body slowly gets adapted.

Ovaries are a pair of glands of reproductive system of a woman. They are about the size of an almond and located on each side of the uterus. Ovaries are responsible for release of an egg during each monthly menstrual cycle and production of hormone estrogen that regulates the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

In certain disease, before the occurrence of menopause, surgical removal of ovaries is needed. After which a woman experiences sudden menopause. The condition is called surgical menopause. A woman experience signs and symptoms of menopause.

In some diseases both uterus and ovaries are removed, the condition is called hysterectomy. Sometimes removal of uterus is done without removal of ovaries, in that case ovaries produce hormones normally but menses does not occur and menopause occurs naturally.

Normal time of menopause to occur is between 45-55 years of age, but if menopause occurs prior to age 40, this condition is pre mature ovarian failure.

The hormone estrogen released by ovaries is called a protective hormone as it protects a woman against many diseases. After menopause many diseases tend to occur. A healthy life style and proper diet helps to combat diseases.

• A diet low in fat and high in carbohydrate like vegetables, fruits, grains helps women to not put on weight.
• Soy products are known to reduce hot flashes and also reduce the risk of breast cancer after menopause.
• Calcium rich diet helps in strengthening bones.
• Overweight women should reduce weight to lower the menopausal symptoms and risk of heart diseases and breast cancer as well.

Homeopathy eases menopausal symptoms:
Homeopathy plays a great role in relieving menopausal symptoms. A well chosen homeopathic remedy eases the menopause in women. Few remedies for menopausal symptoms are explained below, but one should take the homeopathic remedy under the guidance of an experienced homeopathic physician.

• It is indicated when flushes of heat are very sudden and intense.
• Feeling of pulsation and throbbing.
• Short bursts of anger can occur during headaches or in stressful situations.
• Migraines, blood pressure fluctuations, and a craving for lemons or lemonade are often seen when this remedy is needed.

Calcarea carbonica:
• It is indicated in heavy flooding, night sweats and flushing.
• Weight gain during menopause.
• Patient is very much anxious.
• Stiff joints or cramps in the legs and feet, and cravings for eggs and sweets.

• Women with intense hot flashes and flushing during menopause, along with feelings of pulsation in head.
• Menstrual flow may start then stop too early accompanied by irritability.
• Worse from sun exposure and getting warm.

• The woman will be very sensitive, try to hide her feelings, moody, or hysterical.
• Headaches, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps and irregular periods.
• Sudden outbursts of tears or laughter.

• Intense hot flashes with red or purplish flushing, palpitations, and feelings of pressure and congestion.
• Can not tolerate tight clothing.
• A woman is very talkative, with strong emotions.

Natrum muriaticum:
• A woman is very introvert.
• Continuously dwell on the past or brood about hurts and disappointments.
• Irregular periods accompanied by backaches or migraines.
• Craves salt.

• A woman is usually soft and emotional, with changeable moods and a tendency toward tears.
• Too much attached to children and can not bear the thought that her children growing up and leaving home.
• Changeable moods, irregular periods, alternating heat and chills, and lack of thirst
. • Aggravation from stuffy rooms and improvement in open air.
• Craving for fatty food.