Monday, 14 January 2013

Patient Testimonials about Depression Treatment


My self A.P.Sharma working as GM with airtel ..knows dr thind now past 20
years ...from my sinus allergy to my two daughters ( one is now 17 years
and second one is 3 ) all kind of problems we have one solution I.e....
Dr's thind clinic which has cured all kind of health problems  for my

Its not that he has cured them all with precision also save them from Anti
ba tic medicines which has lot of side effects.

But for my wife recovery from depression ( panic attacks ) is a mircle done
by Dr thind ... In 2010 when I got transferred to haryana and started
leaving away from home my wife went to shock and dr's put her  to high
sleeping and sudisive medicine ... We lost all the hopes but Dr thind not
only recovered her but make sure she leave all those sudisive medicine.

Dr thind is very committed man who has grown in his life with his  hard
work and honesty. I wish him all the best for his future.


AP sharma