Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy Patient from Mumbai, India

At the onset let me congratulate you on ur new endeavor and wishing you all the best for future.

My association with Dr. Thind and Patiala Homoe goes way bak to when they had a clinic in Patiala and my dad used to take medicine from Dr. Thind's father. Later I stared taking medicines from the clinic in Chandigarh and then for my daughter when she was a lil girl some 12 yrs back. That in itself says a lot about Dr. Thind and his clinic.

Impeccable cleanines at the clinic, very particular about timing, thorough professionalim from the staff who is always polite even with difficult patients if I may say so. I forget how many friends and acquaintences to whom I have recommended Dr. Thind.

The association is not only till medicines but giving the right advice which is never motivated with selfish motives or monetary gains. I have been throough some tough times as we all do, and everytime I have received compassionate hearing and sound advice from Dr. Thind.

Now that Iam in Bangalore, I still call/msg him whenever anyone is unwell at home. It is such an assurance that there is a person you can fall back on in your hour of need. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Dr. Thind for all his help and support.

I hope his growing up kids understand what a wonderful person they have as a father who is also a doctor and try imbibing the qualities and taking his good work forward.

Mrs Raman Parmar